Thursday, December 9, 2010

MODIFIKASI Toyota Yaris 2006,

MODIFIKASI Toyota Yaris 2006,

If you feel that views Toyota Yaris less semok, look at this one, who knows could be used as reference in order to look Yaris at home became more contained.

Nothing wrong if the owner, Surya Agung Chaesar modification of the club, ready-willing to be called as Pempek Yaris his typical Kilkenny, in accordance with the hometown.

The view was still carries an aura of sporty, with extreme concept. Look at the start of the equivalent of an all-rounded front grille and is accompanied with sharp details.

Water flow vertically adorn the hips, then to be more rounded at the stern, with a duck tail fused with the body behind.

Fun, Surya is not only put a body kit origin like most modifying cars, but all body formed from steel plate.

After carving chisels finish affairs of the body, then doused with airbrush patterned graphic depicting sharp dynamic speed with five kinds of colors.

He also had to bring his car to Jakarta, precisely in the house Samurai modification, for Toyota Yaris chassis elastic hers.

"Chassis become more two-inch long and one inch wider,"he said when talking with detikOto some time ago.

Entry into the cabin, then extreme nuance is clearly visible. The most obvious course of two pieces that use natural acliryc seat-fin tunas.

"But strong guaranteed, and will not break when sat on," he said, while also showcase futuristic steering wheel which is also made of the same material with seat.

Surya Agung was working on his Toyota Yaris for approximately four months, with a total cost of Rp 400 million.
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